Thursday, 2 August 2007

Today. Fun part begins.

I got off of my lazy ass, after the dog annoyed me.
The last update was actually done ages ago, well a few days back.
Today I cut some of it! In otherwords, practice with a dremel for the first time... ON THE REAL THING! YES! It did go wrong, slightly, luckily I have the grip of a titan.

See those ugly shiny silver bits? That's where my dremel either sliced part of the metal off or scratched the paint. Not good.

Then I used my trusted internet tool... GOOGLE! For advice, and now I hit it again, I used it for keeping the paper, when tracing the image, still. Now I used it to mask the lines! Yay! More work but the cuts are near perfect, the new ones that is. But they still need sanding, luckily the cuts I made earlier I could allow to be slightly rigid as they're part of her school top.

The Design


The design I chose in the end was the first one I posted. Why? Because the idea I was waiting for never got cleaned, and I may put a side fan in later, and her body kinda curves (hotly) giving it a nice feel near the edge of the case.

So I got carbon paper and did the tracing.

Friday, 27 July 2007


Lmao, SSBM ftw. I forgot I had a third image I though of using. ^-^; So here it is rastered. Still waiting for a clean one of the last one though... Which none of you have seen yet.

This one is pretty nice, it's bigger than the one I posted before, I gotta pick one out of the three though, gonna be hard!
Oh forgive my printer for running out of ink and messing up the right side of her hair. ^^;

Stuck and progress.

Well, as I just posted a mere few seconds ago, I am doing this project. So lets get started shall we?

Well... I hit a problem... See, I was going to draw Haruhi on, but I am not worthy of such a feat yet, and I haven't drawn for a little while, so I would have spent the next few weeks trying to perfect the picture, which isn't what I'm trying to do. So I was browsing the net one day, and my friend, more like a brother, IM'd me on MSN. And we chatted and stuff and he lead me to a nice webpage.. Where I found a Haruhi artbook scan for download! So I got it. There were a few noticable images I could have used but I picked 2 of them out of the lot. One needs it's words cleaned up so I'm kinda screwed on that if no one can help me with it, but the other I have done some cropping and rastering and some make shift drawing and outlining and it looks pretty fine.


YEAH! HELL YEAH! Wait... Oh it isn't a forum... Damn. =)

Okay, I've been wanting to start on this project forever, I have passed stage 1 already, getting off of my ass. So now I'm going to show you what I'm working with.

To anyone who has a good eye in computing, yes, this is the monster itself, it's the Akasa Eclipse, a case with so much space I could turn it into a gerbil cage, but that'd be a waste of a nice case, agree? =P